Grease Trap Pumping in Austin & San Antonio

HydroPlus is also a full service grease trap company specializing in hauling and removing grease from restaurants and other companies with commercial kitchens.

Our Grease Trap Services Include:

  • Removal of all fats, oils, grease, waste water, and solids
  • Visual inspection of inlet and outlet baffles
  • Scraping of accessible inner walls
  • Hauling of all waste collected
  • Disposal of waste in compliance with TCEQ
  • Manifest ticket provided after each service
Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning - San Antonio, TX

Keeping your grease trap clean and in compliance with city regulations is our job. Our company is fully licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and permitted by the City of Austin and surrounding cities to remove, transport, and dispose of grease trap waste. Call us today to get a quote or schedule service at 512-243-7495.

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