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Fan Belt Replacement San Antonio TX

Fan Belt Replacement

Fan belts go out from time to time, which is why we check all fan belts during every service and replace them if requested.(new belt shown)

$75.00 (includes install)

Hinge Kit Installation San Antonio

Hinge Kit Installation

Hinges prevent wear and tear on wires and the fan itself and are now required according to NFPA #96 ventilation standards.(industrial grade steel)

$140.00 (includes install)

Grease Containment

Containment systems prevent costly roof damage and OSHA violations. We have many options that will meet your exhaust system’s specific needs.

Starting at $175.00

Hood Light Covers

Light covers protect your light and its electrical components from water and hazardous grease. Going without could lead to a short or even a fire!

Starting at $28.00

Baffle Filters (Stainless)

Filters are your first defense against grease fires. Aluminum filters stain easily and can even warp under extreme conditions. (stainless shown)

Starting at $37.00

Duct Access Panels

Access panels are recommended for duct systems that have obstructions that prohibit proper access for cleaning.

Starting at $225.00 (includes install)

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